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Tutorial Videos - Getting started with CBECC-Com

To get started with CBECC-Com a series of short tutorial videos have been developed to help users understand the software workflow, and specific features as identified below. The videos provide step by step procedures for modeling tasks using examples. [Right-click on the desired format to download the video or click on the title to view the video in the browser]

Note: The videos were created on an earlier version of CBECC-Com (v1c) so the user interface in the videos may not match the user interface of the current version of CBECC-Com. The intent of the videos is to provide guidance on the modeling workflow using SketchUp/OpenStudio and CBECC-Com.

1. Workflow Overview [WMV] [MP4]
2. Creating Model Geometry [WMV] [MP4]
3. Importing Geometry and Defining Constructions [WMV] [MP4]
4. Defining Lighting and Internal Gains [WMV] [MP4]
5. Defining Packaged HVAC Systems [WMV] [MP4]
6. Defining Central Plant Systems [WMV] [MP4]
7. Defining DHW Systems [WMV] [MP4]
8. Performing Analysis and Output Files [WMV] [MP4]
Note: The videos can be downloaded in two formats - Windows Media Video (.wmv) and MPEG-4 (.mp4). The two formats can be viewed using different media players however the preferred players for the two formats are listed below and can be downloaded using the links provided: