CBECC-Com Nonresidential Compliance Software

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If you experience any issues with the software, we welcome your feedback to help improve CBECC-Com. Prior to submitting an issue, please verify that you are using the latest release of CBECC-Com. If you are using an older version, refer to the current Quick-Start Guide and check the release notes to see whether it has been addressed. If you are using the latest release, then please submit an issue in as much detail as possible using the form below.

Note: Any issues relating to previously downloaded versions of the software will not be addressed. Please test your project file on the new version of the software before submitting any issues.

Note: While working with the development team member on an open issue please do not email any new issues to the team member directly as this may result in the issue not being logged and addressed. Always use this site for reporting every new issue for effective tracking and resolution.

Submit an Issue

This form will generate an email using your email client (e.g. MS Outlook). Please be sure to attach your project files to the message.

Internet Explorer Users: If you experience problems with this form (it does not generate the email message), then please send an email of your issue directly to CBECC.Com@gmail.com. Be sure to include the same details listed in the form below.

(Version number can be found in the "Help->About" menu item)

Please Summarize the Issue, Using As Much Detail As Possible:

List the steps taken to produce the error. For example:

  1. step 1 - open the file
  2. step 2 - enter value X into field Y
  3. step 3 - software produces error message: "that input is not valid"

If there is an error message, what is the message? If possible, take a screenshot of the error message and attach it to the email as a file.

Please attach your (ProjectName).cidb file. This is the file you open and save from inside CBECC-Com.