CBECC-Com Nonresidential Compliance Software

CBECC-Com uses EnergyPlus v8.0/8.1 to perform simulations and Sketchup (v8.0/Pro) with OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin for geometry input. Instructions and links for downloading the compliance software and the associated supporting software are listed below.

  1. Download/Install CBECC-Com

    CBECC-Com v3: Click here to download and install CBECC-Com 2013 v3 (Build 653) - Certified by California Energy Commission

    New in this version:
    • Simulations use EnergyPlus 8.1
    • Indirect, direct, and indirect-direct evaporative cooling for use with air systems
    • Exhaust fans
    • Dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) for use with zone systems in nonresidential applications
    • Water-source condensers as an option with new ‘WSHP’ zone system, as well as related dual setpoint control of condenser water loop supply temperature
    • Instantaneous water heaters
    • Plenum supply and return air flow paths for air systems
    • Lighting heat gain factors adjusted for plenum returns
    • Lighting heat gain factors adjusted for plenum return vs. non-plenum return configurations Inputs for daylighting modified to include:
      - Installed lighting power in the daylit zone
      - Controlled lighting power in the daylit zone
    • Daylighting control minimum dimming light and power fractions prescribed as a function of luminaire type (not user input)
    • Daylighting controls are no longer specified by default where they are mandatory. A project level flag enables this functionality, however projects for which daylighting controls have been installed by default cannot be used for compliance
    • VAV boxes without reheat coils
    • Series fan-powered VAV boxes
    • CRAC and CRAH systems for computer rooms
    • Solar fraction input added to service hot water systems and recirculating DHW systems
    • Special requirements enabled for process spaces (computer rooms, kitchens, laboratories)
    • Network drive paths allowed for data and project files (though simultaneous execution using shared network drives not yet supported)
    • New Tools menu bar options to view project folder and most recent compliance report
    • Ability to change building component parent/child order via new options on the right-mouse button menus in the UI’s component tree
    • Options to store hourly simulation results and TDV multipliers to CSV file for each analysis model

    Note: CBECC-Com 2013 v3 has been approved by the California Energy Commission for Title 24 compliance. This version comes bundled with EnergyPlus 8.1. Users do not need to install EnergyPlus 8.1 separately.

    Note: CBECC-Com 2013 v1.0, v1c and v1d have been decertified and no longer valid for compliance.

    CBECC-Com Archive Versions: Click here to access archive versions of CBECC-Com

    Getting Started With CBECC-Com

    Please read the Quick-Start Guide / User Manual to get started with CBECC-Com. Several example files are included with CBECC-Com and can be found in the C:\Users\(your username)\Documents\CBECC-Com 2013 Projects\ folder. These examples demonstrate how to assemble various building and HVAC system types.

    CBECC-Com Mailing List Signup

    If you would like to be notified of updates to CBECC-Com (new features, bug fixes), then please sign up for the mailing by clicking on the link below:
    CBECC-Com Mailing List Signup

  2. Download/Install SketchUp v8.0 & OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin

    CBECC-Com uses SketchUp in combination with OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin to create and building geometry for input into CBECC-Com for simulation and compliance analysis. Please use the links below to download these supporting tools:

    Trimble SketchUp v8.0 Click here to download and install SketchUp v8.0

    OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin v1.4.0 (32-bit Windows Installer compatible with SketchUp v8.0)
    Click here to download and install OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin v1.4.0

    OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin v1.5.x (compatbile with SketchUp 2014)
    Click here to download and install OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin v1.5.x

    Note: In order to download OpenStudio Plugin, you are required to setup a user account.

  3. CBECC-Com Compliance Manager Software Documentation

    If you are interested in using the CBECC-Com Compliance Manager in third-party vendor compliance software tools, the software documentation for the compliance manager can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

    CBECC-Com Compliance Manager Software Documentation v9b

  4. Standards Data Dictionary (SDD)

    The Standards Data Dictionary (SDD) defines the terminology and data model for compliance software and can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

    The SDD Workbook is currently being updated and will be available for download later. Download the latest SDD Workbook (09/24/2014)