CBECC-Com Nonresidential Compliance Software

CBECC-Com uses EnergyPlus v8.0 to perform simulations and Sketchup (v8.0/Pro) with OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin for geometry input. Instructions and links for downloading the compliance software and the associated supporting software are listed below.

  1. Download/Install CBECC-Com

    Click here to download and install CBECC-Com 2013 v2b (Build 609)- Certified by California Energy Commission

    New in this version:
    • Adds new options to the Tools menu bar to view/edit or delete the project log file and to edit INI file entries
    • Adds “mouse over” pop-up descriptions/help for many building model parameters
    • Adds ability to view and edit polyloop coordinates for detailed geometry models
    • Simplifies and clarifies data required for water heaters
    • Various bug fixes to v2. See Quick Start Guide for details

    Note: CBECC-Com 2013 v2b has has been approved by the California Energy Commission for Title 24 compliance. This version comes bundled with EnergyPlus 8.0. Users do not need to install EnergyPlus 8.0 separately.

    Note: CBECC-Com 2013 v1.0, v1c and v1d have been decertified and no longer valid for compliance.

    CBECC-Com Archive Versions: Click here to access archive versions of CBECC-Com

    Getting Started With CBECC-Com

    Please read the Quick-Start Guide / User Manual to get started with CBECC-Com. Several example files are included with CBECC-Com and can be found in the C:\Users\(your username)\Documents\CBECC-Com 2013 Projects\ folder. These examples demonstrate how to assemble various building and HVAC system types.

    CBECC-Com Beta Testing & Mailing List Signup

    The California Energy Commission is interested in recruiting paid beta testers to use CBECC-Com on real projects and report general feedback and any issues encountered. Technical support will also be provided to beta testers by the CBECC-Com development team.

    The Energy Commission desires:

    • To identify projects that will be submitted for permitting within 3 months of the Standards implementation date (July 1, 2014) and covering a wide range of building and system types.
    • To identify potential beta testers that have attended (or are registered to attend) a utility sponsored CBECC-Com training course.

    If you meet this criteria and are interested in participating, please fill out the following application form:

    Energy Commission Staff will review all applications and select a group of beta testers and projects that will help provide testing of a broad set of CBECC-Com features. Details of compensation for beta testers will be communicated by the Energy Commission after reviewing all projects submitted through this form

    If you are not interested in becoming a beta tester but would still like to be notified of updates to CBECC-Com (new features, bug fixes), then please sign up for the mailing list here: http://eepurl.com/WFiyz

    Thank you, on behalf of the CA Energy Commission and the CBECC-Com development team.

  2. Download/Install SketchUp v8.0 & OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin

    CBECC-Com uses SketchUp in combination with OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin to create and building geometry for input into CBECC-Com for simulation and compliance analysis. Please use the links below to download these supporting tools:

    Trimble SketchUp v8.0 Click here to download and install SketchUp v8.0

    OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin Click here to download and install OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin

    1. Note: In order to download OpenStudio Plugin, you are required to setup a user account.
  3. CBECC-Com Compliance Manager Software Documentation

    If you are interested in using the CBECC-Com Compliance Manager in third-party vendor compliance software tools, the software documentation for the compliance manager can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

    CBECC-Com Compliance Manager Software Documentation v8

  4. Standards Data Dictionary (SDD)

    The Standards Data Dictionary (SDD) defines the terminology and data model for compliance software and can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

    Download the latest SDD Workbook (05/22/2014)